• Afghanistan Haboob

    Afghanistan Haboob A haboob is a type of intense dust storm carried on an atmospheric gravity current. Haboobs occur regularly in arid regions throughout the world.

  • One Howl of a Moon (Full Moon April 2014)

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I’m really laughing my butt off at this title… But the full moon april 2014 was so beautiful tonight, I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera and going out for some photos. I actually and to run quite far in order to get where I wanted to take these at, here in …

  • “Negative Space” Apple

    The theme this week for one of my photography groups is “Negative Space”. Decided to grab an apple from the chow hall today and experiment with it. Took a few shots with it dry and then dabbled some water on it and am pleased how it came out.

  • Sunset HDR of the V-22 Osprey

    This was taken for a weekly contest that my church does. It’s an HDR of the V-22 Osprey at sunset.