Jerez, Spain

Our first port was Rota, Spain. While there, I took a few trips. This is my trip to Jerez, Spain. We did a wine tasting at the Bodega followed up by a dinner and a Flamenco show.

Atlas Mountains

We took shelter in a bay about 2 miles off shore of Morocco due to the insane seas over night. This is a shot of the Atlas Mountains (obviously just the outskirts as these are more like hills).

Stunning Sunset

Another Stunning Sunset Photograph, taken on 4/9/2012. This was during our two week journey across the Atlantic Ocean while I was on the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit in 2012. I hope you enjoy!

Sunrise Easter Photos

Got up this morning for the Sunrise Easter Services up on the Flight Deck. Went ahead and took this opportunity to grab some more photos. Even got to see my first bird in almost two weeks! You never know what the small things mean to you till they’re gone!

Navy Ship Photo Op

Yesterday, our ships did a little playing around and circled each other so we could get some photos. I also took the opportunity to take some pictures of people to try and overcome that hurdle for me. Here are a few of my shots.