• Petra, Jordan

    I recently took a trip to see Petra, Jordan. If it doesn’t ring a bell, one of the scenes from Indian Jones was shot here. It was really neat to see this and amazing that people still lived in these caves up to the 1980’s. I think I should start charging SSgt Cayce for photos …

  • Cádiz, Spain

    These are photos of my trip to Cádiz, Spain. I was suffering from a severe hangover (I don’t drink!), so I didn’t take quite as many photos as I would like to have. Hopefully you guys enjoy what I did capture though …

  • Jerez, Spain

    Our first port was Rota, Spain. While there, I took a few trips. This is my trip to Jerez, Spain. We did a wine tasting at the Bodega followed up by a dinner and a Flamenco show.

  • Stunning Sunset

    Another Stunning Sunset Photograph, taken on 4/9/2012. This was during our two week journey across the Atlantic Ocean while I was on the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit in 2012. I hope you enjoy!