• Shackleford Banks

    Today, I went out to Shackleford Banks with my friend and colleague, Alan Stinar. If you aren’t familiar with Shackleford Banks, it’s situated on the coast of North Carolina on an island just off of Beaufort and is the home to wild ponies which have lived for over 400 years.

  • Sunset over Swansboro, NC

    Taken in Swansboro, NC on October 7th. Such a beautiful setting!

  • Onslow County Fair 2014, Jacksonville, NC

    Onslow County Fair 2014, Jacksonville, NC

  • Mr. John Chandler

    This is John Chandler with Chandler Studios: http://www.chandler-studios.com and quite possibly my new man crush lol. He’s an amazing photographer and a down to earth guy!